Back Care Workshops

The first step to having happy productive employees is making sure they feel comfortable. Did you know more than 33.7% of office workers suffer from back pain? This is why we decided to start offering Back Care workshops, lunch & learns and seminars.

Our Back Care Workshops


Back Care Lunch & Learn

One hour of teaching you how to use your office furniture to stretch your body so as to alleviate stress from you hands, wrists, forearms, neck and shoulder areas. During this workshop an emphasis is placed on decompressing your spine and stretching the muscles of your back and spine to alleviate back pain, leaving you stress free and in a better position to be more productive.

Half Day Back Care Workshop

In this 1/2 day back care workshop we will not only educate you as to the major causes of back pain, we will teach you how to alleviate and even eliminate them. We will use a Thumper to massage your back and spine. We will also work in smaller groups for the purpose of team building and working together.

Interested in booking a Back Care World Lunch & Learn or Half Day Seminar?

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