Back Care Speaking Engagements

Lee Downer is now presenting his Back Care program to offices of companies that are interested in helping their employees to find ways to de-stress right at their desks or work stations. Lee has successfully licensed his online Back Care Program to the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ministry of Affairs and Housing, among others.

Back Care Speaking Engagements with Lee Downer

For 27 years Lee has lived with severe low back pain caused by a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease. But today he has absolutely no back pain.

His healing journey began in 1989 when he went to York University to study Physical Education and Pure & Applied Science. In that first year at York University, he was hired by the YMCA as a Fitness Instructor. In 1990 Lee began studying yoga and became a YMCA Certified Yoga teacher. Lee became a strong leader for the Y and taught several YMCA’s fitness programs, including “Y’s Way to a Healthy Back”.

His constant search for a back pain solution led him to develop a yoga program that is specific to back care called CorYoga. CorYoga worked well and he has presented several workshops and seminars on CorYoga. In 2002 he fine tuned his career to focus on Back Care for office workers and developed a series of videos called Office Yoga Oasis.

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