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Back Care World Offers...

Back Care World is a multifaceted resource for people suffering from mild to severe back pain. Take a look at what we have to offer. Start living pain free today!

Back Care Book: No Pain, Your Gain

Back care specialist Lee Downer has condensed years of knowledge and experience into his latest book, No Pain Your Gain; How to alleviate back pain and improve your workplace productivity. This book contains scientifically proven methods of alleviating low back pain.
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Online Back Care Courses

Our online back care courses consists of a series of videos and audio podcasts. Courses are tailored to different professions and interests including; Back Care for Office Workers, Back Care for Golfers, Back Care for Truck Drivers, and more. Modules are short and easy to fit into your schedule.
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Back Care Workshops & Seminars

We offer back care lunch and learns, as well as half day back care workshops. In these an emphasis is placed on decompressing your spine and stretching the muscles of your back and spine to alleviate back pain, leaving you stress free and in a better position to be more productive.
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Danglefit Aerial Back Therapy

Dangle fit was developed specifically for treating and alleviating lower back pain. It is a mix between mat yoga and circus art. Danglefit uses aerial slings to apply inversion therapy to back and spine. We offer classes as well as instructor training in Danglefit Aerial Back Therapy.
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Back Care Webinars

This is a series of one hour webinars that will teach you how to alleviate back pain while in the comfort of your office and thereby increase productivity!

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Back Care Retreats

This is the ultimate in back care treatment, rest and relaxation combined. Danglefit retreats take place in the tropics and are comprised of daily hands-on seminars on treating and alleviating back pain.

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Free Weekly Back Care Podcast!

Checkout our weekly podcast with back care practitioner Lee Downer. He provides helpful tips and exercises for getting rid of back pain and improving your posture.

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